• Testimonials

    “Just tried my first ever plate of Poffertjes, Mini Dutch Pancakes, Awesome street food treat!” and "I’m impressed and it takes A LOT to impress me!”

                                                                             - Chef Michael Smith

    “I though I made the best pancake s in the world, until now!”
    “Absolutely, hands down, the best treat EVER!”
    “Oh my, Oh my!!”
    “Better than candy”
    “These are to die for!”
    “These are happiness in a circle!”
    “That was exactly what I needed!”
    “My taste buds are still saying yippee, yippee!”
    “Best thing that I have eaten since March, and I’ve eaten at a lot of really nice places!”
    “Where are you guys located? I really need to come see you again!!”
    “When you come to Toronto, I’ll be an investor!”
    “I really need another plate to hold me over until tomorrow!”

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